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Frank's Franks

About Us

Serving Upstate NY

since 2006

Frank's Franks Mobile Foods Food Truck



Frank's Franks Mobile Foods - Founder & Managing Partners

Frank's Franks was started in 2006 with a small umbrella cart selling hot dogs and doing small family events.  Slowly, we moved into the public eye.  In 2007, we purchased two large mobile umbrella carts and an enclosed food wagon.  We worked every venue from Columbus Circle downtown to softball fields and little league games. 

Then, we went big time when we contracted to serve lunches at the four Home Depot stores in Onondaga County.  We did this for one year at a frantic pace - required to be there from April 1st to November 15th, seven days a week, 6am to 3pm, with no days off.  We garnered a well-earned reputation from that experience.  (To this day people ask when we are coming back.) 

We have now grown and expanded.  We travel out of the county to all parts and places in the state for events, parties and benefits.  We are well-known for our fast, friendly and fresh food and service.  We have the largest menu of any mobile food truck in our area. We have done wedding's (for 250 people), graduation parties, birthday parties, craft shows, car shows, reunions - you name it, we've served it.

Great News for the

Frank's Franks Mobile Foods Followers


Recently I was approached by a younger couple who shares the same passion for my business as I did and still do - their love for the interaction with our customers, the fast pace craziness when there are 50 people packed in front of the food trailer at an event. They love food and they love to socialize with the customers just like me. I still have the desire, and the devotion but the older bones aren't as responsive as they once were. So taking in two younger enthusiastic individuals to be managing partners is a dream come true.  I'm excited for Katrina and Ron McDonald as they venture into this crazy world of the "Mobile Food" business.


The three of us look forward to seeing around the grill real soon.

Thanks, Frank, Trina & Ron!

We'd love to be a part of your next event.

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